The Making of Trash Data Visualization

Online Trash Map


In August 2018 HOT together with Nipe Fagio organized waste data collection activity, using more than 100 students/mappers to locate and collect information about the types of piles in the Dar es salaam City.

The aim of this activity was to raise awareness to the responsible institutions for waste management about the importance of usage of data in decision and policy making, and also to showcase how waste data can be used to measure and evaluate the waste collection problem in Dar es salaam.

The activity resulted into collection of more than 10,000 waste piles. After the activity the HOT team presented the data to TURP.

Visualizing the trash data

As part of TURP team I was given the task of visualizing the trash data, nearly 10,000 points, I decided to use Mapbox GL JS together with React technologies, creating a vector based map this resulted into high loading page performance as all the points didn’t took much time to render compared if I would have chosen to create a raster based map.

Source code


Written on September 29, 2018